Future Of The Server

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Future Of The Server

Post by Balerion » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:51 pm


Hello, fellow botters!

It looks like that we are losing more and more players every day here at L2Toggle, and we are forced to make a decision about the future of the server.

Before we go there, I would like to reflect what went wrong, what could have been handled better.
First of all, we should have opened a beta server. Most likely we could have found the ‘freeze’ bug with the hosting earlier and so saving a lot of prime start time working on other issues.
Secondly, we feel that the timing wasn’t right. It was right before summer, and we got reports from people, that many of their friends didn’t want to commit to a new server during vacation season.
Last but not least, early olympiad and heroes. Ignoring the miss-configuration on my side with required fights count, most of You felt that olympiad started too early or was fed with boxes.
Other staff members and I would like to apologize for our ignorance, as we made mistakes and learn from them.

We are not giving up on L2Toggle. We are continuing our development on the project with fresh minds and enthusiasm. On top of things that we still have to fix, we have a lot of ideas how to improve Lineage 2 and High Five in particular.
We would like to invite You to build and prepare for next season, either in-game or on forums. We will keep posting news, ideas, and proposals, so if You feel like sharing Your thoughts - please do.

What does this mean for the current server? We are not shutting down, we still feel that it’s an essential tool for testing and communicating. We might be a little looser on rules and be a bit more helpful to players willing to playtest the project though.

When is the Season 2 planned, You ask? Well, because of reason number two (see above) it wouldn’t make sense to do it until at least late summer, but we will definitely let You know!

We would like to thank You for Your patience and understanding of our mishaps and hope for Your return on Season 2.

L2 Toggle Staff

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