May 20th 2018 Patch #2

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May 20th 2018 Patch #2

Post by Balerion » Sun May 20, 2018 9:22 pm

After a good night sleep (NOT), we are back at it. No features update this time either, working on fixing bugs...
Regarding stuck/teleports - we (L2Toggle staff) believe that good communication is next best thing to no bugs. That is why we are trying to keep people informed about issues and how are we trying to fix them. So, I've reported this issue to l2jsunrise (l2j H5 server package) developers, and together we will try to find what went wrong, was it last rev update or was it us messing up the core. Until we have a definite solution we will try few things out.

- Stuck/teleport issue fix try #2
- Champion mobs xp fixed
- Buff duration fixed
- Discard items - enabled

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