May 24th 2018

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May 24th 2018

Post by Balerion » Fri May 25, 2018 4:46 am

Hello, brother botters! We are getting close to one week anniversary, but hard work doesn’t stop… By looking at the task board, it seems like we are down to minor fixes, and none game breaking bugs, which is excellent news. Thank You for Your patience and endless reporting.
The most significant time sync in this patch was testing out party xp. I’ve tested out all combinations to see if it performs as coded, and results look great. Not only it was calculating all boosts, but also there is an additional boost, depending on how many chars there are in a party. For example: for 2 chars You will get 110% per kill, 3 chars - 120%, 4 chars - 130% and so on. To help with xping in a big party, we decided to increase party xp to 1.2.

- Party XP increased to 1.2
- Maximum boost increased to 4
- Added teleports to Imperial Tomb, Archaic Lab, Seal Of Shilen
- Removed spam from 7s NPCs
- Added .gludin to voice teleports
- Changed timed events duration to 10 minutes
- Increased minimum required level for events to level 40
- FA can now be bought in private stores
- Champions will always be passive

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