May 31st 2018

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May 31st 2018

Post by Balerion » Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:28 am

A week?! A week without updates? How dare we?... Bad jokes aside, I think weekly updates would be a good schedule to hold (unless we find something game breaking). We want to thank You for Your reports and suggestions. We are considering all Your feedback.
Some quality of life updates, some improvements and few bug fixes. We are also working on system patch to fix and improve the user experience. Please stay tuned.

- Decreased clan level member count requirements
- Fixed starting zone tutorials
- .stats tune up
- Added to GM Shop: Top B sets, Top A sets & Barakiel’s Axe
- Mana pots nerfed by 20%
- Decreased mana drug weight
- Started working on matching mob stats against official in Pagan Temple
- Added more Gem dragons in DV lower
- Fixed chant of life duration
- Event min level requirements increased to 75

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