v2 Alpha Test Soon

L2Toggle is firstly a bot allowed server. Not only You can bot here, but we even help You get going. You can find beginners guides over in forums, do not hesitate to ask questions!
Secondly, it was built by players for players. We have played too much L2 in our lives, botted some/ most of it too. That is why we are always trying to improve gameplay, not blindly following 'official' build. We also know from our experience, how often admin and gms are not properly communicating with the player base. For this reason, we have bigger than usual staff team to listen what You are saying.
XP: x1
SP: x1
Adena: x1
Drop: x2
Spoil: x2
Quest: x1

Elemental stones: 55%. Elemental Crystals: 35%.
Normal Scroll enchants rate: 70%.
Blessed enchants failure does not reset enchant to 0. Enchant rate decreases with enchant level (Retail like). More details here.
Max enchant: +20.
  • GM Shop with items up to A grade. Event Medals shop. Vote Coins shop. Donate store.
  • No top items in donate store - we try to reward our supporters, without making it P2W.
  • NPC Buffer with all buffs.
  • Eva's High Priest for Vitality boost.
  • Premium Manager - PA for vote/donate coins. Increases xp/sp/adena to x2.
  • Mini Events NPC for on-demand PvP events.
  • Raidboss Respawn NPC.
  • Nobless Manager.
  • No custom zones.
  • No major custom items.
  • Auto-learn skills (excluding forgotten ones).
  • Auto-loot (excluding raid drops).
  • 32+4 buffs slots, 14 dances, 12 trigger buffs.
  • Buff duration 2hrs, 4hrs with PA.
  • Champion mobs.
  • Block XP feature.
  • Buff protection.
  • Auto-enable shots on login.
  • Teleport with voice commands (.giran/.hunters).
  • Hourly events.
  • Clan reputation and fame purchase option to fight inflation.
  • Free profession change. Upon reaching 3rd profession, You will get 1 GCM. If You choose to do 3rd profession, quest You will be rewarded with 5 GCM.
  • Eva's Vitality buff cooldown reduced to 2 hours.
  • Subclass quest blooded knife added to GM SHOP. RB levels adjusted for max levvl chars. Motivational drops added.
  • Subclass max level increased to 85.
  • Inventory weight and size increased.
  • Warehouse and private store sizes increased.
  • Clan penalties removed. Instant Leader change
  • Starting gear (NG/D Grade).
  • Global Chat.
  • Hellbound max level and max trust.
  • Offline Trade.
  • Mana Drugs (works as healing potions).
  • Client limit is 18 characters.
  • Olympiad twice a month (1st and 15th). Classed based minimum: 11. Non-classed based minimum: 5.
  • Epic bosses re-spawns reduced. For more information please visit the forum.
  • Week-long stats Talismans (STR DEX etc.).
  • .stats command to see all character stats in one place.
  • .combinetalismans to combine matching talismans mana or time.
  • Class hats.